Cara G Humphrey (RD)

BSc. Diet | Dip Clin Diet | Dip Sports Nutr. | AFMCP


Well-being comes naturally when you feel fitter, stronger and more energised. 

I never expected to suffer from burnout or develop an autoimmune condition in my forties. Today’s modern-day lifestyle increases all our risks.

Two of the keys to our health lie in what is known as the gut-brain axis and how the food and nutrients we consume daily interact with our genes. 

Every person can heal themselves. We are all our master healers. As a specialist dietician, I act as your expert guide to show you how to use these tools to optimise your health and enhance your body’s healing for future health and longevity.

I’m a clinical dietitian with extensive experience in sports nutrition, health industry consulting, and health supplement development. My passion for nutrition and natural medicine led me to specialise in Applied Functional Medicine and Nutrigenomics, which allows me to provide more personalised health programs for individual patients. I share my knowledge with various groups, including clients, consumers, and other health professionals.



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